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Kangaroo Island Pure Rain - Pure Clean South Australian Bottled Rainwater Story


Michael and I were both born and bred in the Far West Coast of South Australia, both from pioneer settler farming families, in some of the driest marginal farming lands of Australia. To us ‘water’ is the provider of all life, and the crucial element to success or failure on the land.
Several years ago we holidayed with our three young children to the magnificent Kangaroo Island.

We were so besotted with the countryside that we purchased 400 hectares of stunning ‘big gum’ country near the heart of the Island. The rolling hills, enormous gumtrees, and winter creeks were such an oasis to our parched souls that we could not resist the Island’s tempting beauty. In January 2015 an opportunity to purchase an existing rain water bottling operation on the Island happened upon us. Having relied on rain water all of our lives we saw it as a great opportunity to invest in an entirely new business that felt morally right. Providing rain water to retail outlets, a unique and healthful product that has been ignored by the big companies as they exploit underground water springs and public water sources to service the bottled water industry, seems so natural to us who rely on rain.

Today’s educated society is becoming more aware of the essential health benefits of drinking pure alkaline water. It’s been reported that over 70% of the bottled water industry is supplied by filtered mains water, and almost all the rest by ‘springs’. Both sources fail to mention the potential contaminants leached through dubious soils on its way to the source. Rain water, on the other hand, is as clean as the air it comes from and the catchment facility it is collected by.

Having never touched the ground, our water never has the opportunity to dissolve pollutants into it.

The lack of industry and pollution on Kangaroo Island means our water, which is formed in air masses travelling from Antarctica, is some of the purest water on Earth. Few foods and beverages are available from a retail outlet that can boast being totally untainted and natural, the sort of thing we can watch our children consume and smile about.

That’s why I am so pleased to bring you Kangaroo Island Pure Rain, natures ultimate rehydration tool, all packaged up to make it appealing to any age group, and so deliciously refreshing you will come back for more.

Hayley Nicholls Kangaroo Island Pure Founder

When our son Monty tasted his first bottle of Kangaroo Island rain water, he declared loudly “that is the best water I have ever tasted!” They say children are particularly sensitive to chemicals in their water, so this was a clincher for me.

So began our entry into the industry and we now provide access to some of the world’s finest, clean, pure water.

Hayley Nicholls

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